Metro Apartment Rentals, LLC were launched to make it easier for property owners to find, review and select a property manager for their properties. As the company has grown to manage thousands of homes we have built a team managed by experienced industry professionals who have all started well and share our company’s vision.

We are a vibrant company that has embraced technology to achieve the maximum benefit for our customers through our Metro Apartment Rentals, LLC online property portal. We have designed the portal from scratch to offer an outstanding level of service that combines our transparent approach with our extensive industry knowledge.

Property owners want to be able to see more than an address and phone number when deciding who will manage their property or association. With Metro Apartment Rentals, LLC, owners are able to view detailed management company profiles as well as property management hiring guides that cover everything from property management fees to what to look for in the contract.

For property managers, we provide an affordable way to obtain property management leads. We are first and foremost marketers who are passionate about helping small businesses leverage technology to expand their organizations. While we have both worked briefly in the property management industry we are not property managers.

That said we have been humbled with the welcoming spirit and quality of professionalism that exists within this industry. We are honored to serve the property management industry and look forward to delivering continuing results for our clients.

Our Core Values

  • Never forget that serving our customers is a privilege not a right
  • Be passionate about delivering value
  • Always listen to your customers
  • Never stop learning and innovating
  • Refuse to settle for mediocrity

Our team

We work hard 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure your home is looked after, but we also back this up with detailed and documented processes. Our team is committed to developing solid relationships with our customers built on trust.

Team selection

A big challenge in the property management industry is finding talented people who understand the importance of excellent customer service. There can be a revolving door between our competitors of staff that pass poor service ethics from one company to another. As you would expect Metro Apartment Rentals, LLC takes a fresh approach when it comes to recruitment, so we look beyond the property sector.

We take on only the best people from across the service industries that have transferable skills and a focus on the customer.